Classes at Make Studios

Classes at Make Studios

What’s the best thing about teaching classes at the studio? Great question, I’d love to tell you. 

The people. 


We do a lot of work in order to keep classes up and running. We work all the long hours updating our website, cleaning up pieces, firing them, glazing, firing again. It could be daunting if we let it. But them we remember the laughter that filled the studio making each piece and we know…this is the work we want to be doing. 

Being a small business owner is hard. There’s not much down time. Because of our digital age, we are at your service nearly 24/7. Setting boundaries and letting an email sit for more than two days is hard for us. But…we hold those boundaries so that we can be ready with full energy when we jump back in to work. We’ve found ourselves at the studio hours and hours every day and we recognize that this work is the path to burnout. 

So, to be able to work hard for you, and keep the studio teeming with life, we hold boundaries. When we return to the studio for a class and people are laughing, hesitant personalities open up, and pieces are being made, we know that those boundaries are worth it. 


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