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  • Jess

    With a passion for two-dimensional art, Jess graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from the University of Southern Indiana. She has traveled extensively to 26 countries, learning about art and culture from each new place. Together, Nick and Jess are passionate about passing their love for art, travel, and adventure down to their three children: Satori, Ezekiel, and Sage. They are excited to bring that same passion into the community and help others find their own love for the arts!

  • Nick

    Nick Mason first discovered clay as an art medium his freshman year of high school. The next ten years of his life were dominated by his passion for turning mud into interesting objects and firing kilns long into the night. He earned a BS in Studio Art from USI. After graduating, he built his own kiln made from used brick and fueled with waste vegetable oil. He has exhibited work at craft shows and galleries both locally and nationally. As he and Jessica started their family, the focus has been directed towards raising their three children and building their own home. With the new home complete and the kids ready to help, Nick and Jess are excited to be building a community around clay through MAKE Studios.

  • Collaboration

    Working together with other artists, small businesses, and the community to provide a comfortable place for every person to unlock their creativity.

  • Craftsmanship

    Prioritizing excellence in craft and process.

  • Humility

    Remaining teachable and open to learning in technique, conversation, and community.