Make Studios

Make Studios

Nick and I met in the ceramics studio. I had never touched clay before, he had been elbow deep in mud since his freshman year of high school. Since that day we met, I believe a dream started forming. A dream to be surrounded by the arts, particularly ceramics. Seeing how various people manipulate clay is inspiring. Creating something beautiful, quirky, powerful, controversial out of dirt can be very cathartic. 

Fast forward 14 years, my hands are covered in paint, his hands are twisting wires and we are knee deep in a dream come true: Make Studios. When we started promoting Make Stuff Masons, it stemmed from a graffiti wall in our house that simply says “MAKE.” The sentence itself is a complete imperative sentence with an implied (You). If you remember grammar, an imperative sentence is a command so, essentially, the sentence reads “You make.” It’s a reminder. A reminder that creating is in our bones. It’s an important part of our existence. The wall in our house is a daily reminder to make something for the sake of our souls. 

Make Studios is an effort to share this vision with the community. We want to continually encourage others to make stuff because the ability to create is in all of us. So when our business cards, stamps, art pieces, and walls say Make., it’s for you. And if you need help, we are here for you. 

Make Studios will be a home base for us teach ceramics classes, painting classes, and drawing classes. More importantly, it will serve as a home base for other makers to teach their classes. We know what it’s like to have a demand for classes and no place to host. We want to remedy this by offering a place for all kinds of classes. 

We are excited and nervous and fulfilled and stressed and all of the things. Look for a full schedule available after January 1st with a 6 week course kicking off January 3rd!



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