We are the Masons.

We are the Masons.

Hi! Welcome to our little artsy world!

We are the Masons and, put simply, we make stuff. 

Nick makes pottery and I, Jessica, dibble dabble in various different kinds of making. We made a few kids and definitely a few messes. As we walk through life together, we are taking our turns making mistakes, disasters, and we even made a whole house by ourselves. 

It’s been a long road of ups and downs in the art world and we are so excited to be putting full force into the ideas that circle constantly in our heads. While our website is still in the baby stages, like our business, we are so pleased you’ve stopped by. 

We would love to have cool conversations with you so give us a follow on Instagram @makestuffmasons and on Facebook, same name. Let’s work together to build art in our world!

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