Kilns, Glazes, and geeky ceramics stuff…OH MY

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  • 90% of the pieces in the studio are fired in an electric kiln. We have two electric kilns that help us to keep up with demand. Each piece created by guests is fired twice: once without glaze (colorant) and once with glaze.
  • Seasonally we will offer a RAKU firing. We customized an old electric kiln on an old trailer to create a mobile firing experience.


  • Glazes are made in house with proprietary recipes
  • Each glaze is Cone 5-6 which means they must be fired to around 2160*F
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Red, and combination options
  • Do guests get to glaze their own pieces? Yes and no. In the longer courses, guests are able to glaze their own pieces. In the single day courses, guests are able to choose thier own glazes and we will glaze the pieces when they are ready to be glazed. Because of the firing process, we do not apply glazes the same day that pieces are created. 


  • 8 various wheels


  • One Custom Extruder


  • One Custom slab roller



  • Cone 5-6 Clay body
  • Stoneware
  • We primarily use clay from the closest clay supplier Kentucky Mudworks
  • Our classes, unless specified, utilize a light stoneware called Iceman with very little grit to accommodate all types of hands.
  • Our members and the owners will use a variety of clay types for their own pieces.